Indian Creek - - Real Estate Miami Beach Florida

Indian Creek Island is a wealthy village on Indian Creek private Island in

Miami-Dade County Indian Creek Island in Miami, FL is home only to millionaires. 

The area is the most secure place to live, being one of the best policed area's in Miami. Their motto is, "Protecting and servicing America's most exclusive municipality."

For the rich and famous that seek privacy, Indian Creek Village is the place.

The cheapest home on Indian Creek Village is assessed at $1.4 million.

The Village's history dates back to 1928 when a group of Midwestern millionaires

bought a mangrove swamp from the government to build a country club.

These days, the country club has 180 elite members.

With nearly 300 acres, the Village is an enclave for the mega rich.

The Village was incorporated in 1939 with 17 residents and has since then

nearly doubled to 33 residents.

Currently, Indian Creek Village is home to former Dolphin coach Don Shula and

Philadelphia Eagles owner Norman Braman.

Other big names that have graced the island include singer Julio Iglesias and

Robert Wood Johnson of Johnson and Johnson.

One look at Indian Creek and you are reminded of the plains in Ireland with luscious,

well-groomed lawns.

The island is littered with palm trees. Their sway in the gentle ocean breeze

accentuates the countryside feeling.

The golf course takes up 80 percent of the island.